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The passing of the new Financial Rescue Legislation means that your Whitewater Community Credit Union Accounts will now be insured up to $250,000 and backed to the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Click HERE for NCUA Federal Insurance information.

NCUA Member

Equal Housing Lender

Effective 7/1/15

Checking Accounts

Stop payment $25 per item
Draft returned for NSF or Honored $30
Cleared draft copies $3.00 each
ATM / Debit Card  
NSF withdrawal $30
ATM transaction at WCCU ATM machine or any MoneyPass ATM free
ATM PIN transaction at machine other than WCCU $1.25
Debit card transaction (pinless transactions) free
ATM card replacement fee $10
Debit card replacement fee $10
Gift Cards (loadable ONE time)  
VISA gift cards $3.50
Visa Credit Cards  
Overlimit fee $20
Late payment fee (after 10 days overdue) $20
Replacement card fee $10
Returned check fee (returned payment) $20
Loan Fees  
Processing Fee (secured and unsecured) $40
Loan late payment (after 10 days overdue) $20
Application fee None
IRA Accounts  
Early withdrawals ($1000 min) $25
Share Certificates (CD's)  
Early withdrawal prior to maturity 90 days interest penalty
Ach NSF fee $30
Ach stop payment $25
Garnishment / Collection item fee $25
Account closed within 90 days of opening $5
Child support payments $5 each
Holiday club accounts early withdrawal fee $5 each
Credit Union cashiers checks payable to non-member $3
Credit Union cashiers checks payable to member free
Statement / History printouts $1 per page
Deposit item returned (from your account) $25
Deposit item returned (from other people) $20
Wire fee - Outgoing Domestic $15
Wire fee - incoming $5
Returned mail fee $2
Certified mail actual cost
Dormant account fee (after no activity for 12 months) $3/month
Money Orders $1
Non-member check cashing (must be drawn on WCCU) $5
Notary Service free
Overdraft/Honor fees* $30
Photocopy fee $.25 per page
Fax fee (10 page max) $1.00/local  $3/non-local
* overdrafts fees can be created by check, in person withdrawal,  
 ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means